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3 Reasons To Take Your Ankle Sprains Very Seriously




Ankle sprains are easily the most common sports injury, in fact sprained ankles may be single most common musculoskeletal injury full stop. The majority of ankle sprains involve some pain, stiffness and swelling, then they go away right? Wrong! A huge number off ankle sprain reoccur and very significant number lead to issues with stubborn pain down the track. A major part of the reason for this is the muscle wasting that occurs after injury, there are however other changes that occur in the nervous system that can predispose you to problems related to an ‘un-rehabilitated sprain’.

Here are some facts to consider when you have had an ankle sprain and have the opportunity to get treatment and rehabilitation…


#1 Ankle Sprains Have Been Shown To Affect Sporting Careers

A study carried out on professional Chinese athletes found that having an ankle sprain predicted not only the likelihood of further lower limb injuries but also shorter than average sporting careers due to injury problems. This study carefully tracked a large number of athletes. The study showed that as much as 73% of all athletes had recurrent ankle sprain and 59% of these athletes had significant disability and residual symptoms which led to impairment of their athletic performance.


#2 Ankle Sprains Are Associated With Long Term Disability

Studies have shown that 40% of ankle sprains still have symptoms after 6 months and that potentially up to 20% have re-occuring pain issues and reduced ability to perform agility tests on the affected side in the longer term.


#3 Ankle Sprains Re-Occur

Some of us go a whole lifetime of activity without ever getting a sprained ankle, others routinely sprain their ankles year after year. This is not down to good or bad luck in any significant way. If you have strong stabilising muscles and ankle ligaments you will not be prone to ankle sprains, if you do have strong stabilisers you may well be prone to sprained ankles.



The way that cancer is caused by sun burn is strange. If you burn your skin badly enough can get skin cancer, we know that much. The strange part is that after the initial sunburn heals the problem seems like it has resolved and has gone away. Beneath the appearance of healing and resolution however the seed of cancer is sown. It is not until many years later usually that the melanoma shows up.

Ankle sprains can play out in a very similar way to sunburn in one sense. They can appear to resolve, but in actuality they have been left with an imperceptible (to there patient) underlying weakness. A weakness that is for a percentage of us a fertile seed for further pain and degeneration in the ankle, foot and leg.