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Absence of Pain is the Presence of Freedom





My primary role is that of chiropractor.  My life is hard, I spend all day every day talking to people about pain, fascia; adhesions,  weakness, joint instability, core activation, acupuncture … yawn!  Only joking I really enjoy helping people to understand the principles that add up to a good recipe for pain management.  But.. there is something a bit ‘dry’ about all this talk of processes and exercises because we all know deep down that all this is a much deeper and more emotionally compelling theme… FREEDOM!


I believe the subjects of pain relief, chiropractic, acupuncture, exercise and rehabilitation are really the subject of freedom.  We crave the freedom that comes with being able to do all the things we enjoy doing with our lives like pick up children,  play sport and enjoy holidays. We rely on the freedom to be able to all the things we must do in order to thrive like housework, sitting at a desk and lift bags of shopping.  And although we don’t usually notice it we place huge value on the freedom to sit, stand and sleep comfortably.


The 3 basic physical freedoms sought by chiropractic patients as i have come to see it are 1. the ability to lie down and sleep comfortably 2. the ability to sit comfortably for as long as we need to every day and 3. the ability to walk and stand as much as we need to.  Without reaching for anything more complex or high performance  than these 3 basic freedoms I find my days are full of challenges.  What I mean by this is that despite having age of about 40 the majority of people who come to me have already lost the ability  lie, sit or walk comfortably in a consistent way.


The good news is that the massive majority of people once they are getting the correct pain treatments, rehabilitation and lifestyle advice find that their physical freedom is restored in short order. This fact demonstrates to me as a chiropractor that most of us are essentially suffering these limitations unnecessarily and that most of our limitations are suffered for the lack of pretty simple techniques and understandings.


I provide a broad range and pain and physical  freedom solutions in my small but perfectly formed chiropractors office in Wellington CBD. If you want to try and get to the bottom of some back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, headache, ankle pain, knee injury etc look no further.  My minimum aim as a practitioner is to be able to say that even if we didn’t manage to fix you up that we did everything humanly possibly by one practitioner and one patient to try and get you there. Chiropractic, rehabilitation exercises, acupuncture, cupping, acupressure, lifestyle advice, scar tissue release, stretching, mechanical massage, mobilisers, orthotic prescription, support devices, kitchen sinks.. its all on if its needed.