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Maintenance Care


One of the cornerstones of chiropractic care is the use of regular treatment to keep symptoms at bay rather than wait for them to return.

A good chiropractor should be mindful of the possible need for maintenance care – while always seeking to identify and eliminate underlying issues that may lead to an excessive requirement for ongoing care. This might include a weak core, flat feet, high stress levels, old injuries or even a poor diet.

You drink water every day. You exercise. You eat food. You brush your teeth. You sleep. You get a massage. You hopefully get dental checks. You cut your toe nails. Some of you take medication on an ongoing basis to manage something or other. The truth is that human bodies require maintenance and the spine is no exception.

As we grow up in our culture we are taught about maintenance of the teeth but never about maintenance of the spine. We aren’t taught to stretch at school by our teachers or at home by our parents. We arent taught about posture. This is where chiropractic maintenance comes in.

For many patients maintenance is essential – because in all honesty they just aren’t ever going to do enough yoga to both undo years of neglect and also counteract the strain of job and life on spine.

On the topic of maintenance my advice to all my patients is to practice yoga or tai chi ¬†for at least an hour per day 3-5 days a week. I also recommend the seek help from someone who can correct your posture like an Alexander Technique practitioner ( which costs about the same as an hour massage ). Then once 95% have given me a death stare I humbly suggest they do 10 mins of stretching / core a day and follow a chiropractic maintenance protocol…. which goes down way better.

If you want a chiropractors opinion on where maintenance care fits into your personal situation please feel free to get in touch


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