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No Pain No Gain



It goes without saying that often putting in a lot of effort and the pain that goes with it has benefit;  and that there can be value in certain types of pain and discomfort.  Its pretty hard to get a splinter out of your finger, fix your back pain, get 6 pack abs or win a sporting trophy without pain because there are times in life that we can’t get what we want if we aren’t willing to go through some discomfort.

The ‘no pain no gain’ principle is also pretty helpful when we embrace healthcare in all its forms. Whether you are with  the dentist, the surgeon or at the chiropractors its likely that some pain will be necessary on the way back to full health.

There is a common but seldom spoken misinterpretation of the phrase ‘no pain / no gain’  that i think is well worth questioning and it goes a bit like this …

‘no pain / no gain’ really means ‘maximum pain / maximum gain’

In other words we tend to assume that more pain means more gain.

The fact that in many areas of life there is no gain without pain doesn’t necessarily mean that there will always be more gain with maximal levels of pain. Yet we see this every day in our chiropractors practice and it manifests itself as over work , over training and even when we are treating people they believe that if they can tolerate the maximum amount of pain while we release muscle tension that will be best.

Often in reality the best results that we see come from people and scenarios where there is a balance between pain and ease.  The patient who has muscle release work done that hurts but is still at a level they can breathe through does better than the person who is writhing in pain during their treatment.  The person who trains intensively 3 days a week often makes bigger fitness gains and trains are consistently long term that there person who trains 5-6 days per week. The person who leaves the office for 20 minutes in the middle of a busy morning frequently finds that they are more focused and more productive than the person who pushes through not taking breaks ….. etc etc.

Six time Mr Olympia Dorian Yeates shook up the world of body building in the 1980’s by training 40 mins per session 4 days per week and sleeping a lot while all his competitors were training to absolute destruction 2 hours a day 6 days a week.  Gandhi bought the British empire to its knees by being really nice to everyone.  Tiny little acupuncture needles sometimes resolve  pains that powerful drugs and surgery fail to make any impression upon.  There are countless moments in life when the value of going a bit easier saves the day … lets keep an eye out for them.. for the win.