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Postural Correction


Habit is the most powerful force in the known universe – and its force of habit that controls your posture. Habit and the physical changes that come as knock on effects of habit.┬áThere are a number of easy ways to work on your posture that we can help you with

Gentle pointers that make it easier for you to shift your posture when you remember to straighten yourself up. The better you understand what good posture feels like the easier it is to achieve.

Scar tissue stretches to untie the knots that prevent you sitting and standing straighter than you could. This can be literally life changing for some.

Simple exercises that activate the muscles that weaken when we work at computers and the like. Working these muscles for just 5 mins and day feels really good and can straighten you up significantly.

If you have long standing pain issues it’s important that when you are at the chiropractors you recieve more than just treatment, good information and good exercises are essential to your rehabilitation.

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