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Resolving Chronic Pain and Moving Past Quick Fix Mindset




The Difference Between  Re-Occuring Pain and Viruses.


When i was a young pup sometimes I would wake up with a sniffly nose, my mum would ask me if I was sick and when I said ‘yes’ she would take me to the doctor and the doctor would prescribe some pills. About a week or so after the doctors visit I’d be clambering around the place full of life again and that was how we knew I was ‘fixed’ and back off to school I would go.


A non-lethal virus or small chest infection is a brief moment in time for the human body and after its gone its gone. Not only are these kind of issues temporary they even leave us stronger as a result of new antibodies we generate to deal with that particular strain of virus.


When i was a little older I developed knee pain. I went to the doctor who gave me some anti-inflammatories which I took for a week and they helped a hell of a lot, the knee pain went away. This outcome seemed every bit as satisfactory as the antibiotics for a virus episode so I carried merrily on my way feeling grateful to my doctor.


Two months later the exact same pain in my knee came back and so i went to a chiropractor instead. The chiropractor was a lot more specific about what she wanted to do for me and used ultrasound on the knee and its surrounding muscles. I probably did about 3-4 weeks of regular treatment with the chiropractor and she completely got rid of my knee pain. Feeling so much better once again I stopped getting any treatment on the knee and within 6 months it was back with a vengeance. This knee pain clearly was not a brief moment in time like the virus, there was some kind of ongoing problem.


The action of seeking symptom relief or immediate resolution of an issue works extremely well for viruses and splinters in fingers. Interestingly though we now know that there is no short and sweet fix for a re-occurring case of lower back pain, hip pain or knee pain. Re-occurring complaints like these clearly call for a different approach, a different approach that is actually a lot more like the process we apply to getting fitter or to loosing weight.



Getting Our Minds Right


Back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain and the like are generally signs of excessive tension or weakness in the body. Its dealing with the weaknesses and areas of tension over time that brings lasting relief and confidence in our bodies to perform without episodes of pain and limitation. The kicker here is that the weakness and tensions that we carry in our bodies generally relate to our ‘lifestyle’ and our ‘habits of movement’- neither of which are the types of things that tend to change over night.


The key principle when working with these long standing weaknesses or tensions in our body is learning to continue to work at them even when we feel good. The primary thing stopping my knee from healing was my mind set. I repeatedly told myself the knee was fixed when it wasn’t and got on with my life instead of continuing to seek answers and continuing to treat the problem. Once we have made this resolution to ourselves ‘ I want the pain to stop and i am going to do whatever it takes to stop it from coming back’ all we need is to find the correct approach and its in the bag.


In almost all instances of re-occuing pain there will be some combination of the following that will be necessary to completel;y resolve the issue…

Deep Tissue work
Scar tissue massage
Rehabilitation exercises
Lifestyle and environmental adjustments
Postural correction


You might choose to got to a physiotherapist, chiropractor or osteopath it really doesn’t matter as long as they understand your pain well enough to apply multiple tactics not only relieving your pain but in identifying and eliminating its underlying cause.


If you live in Wellington and you are looking for a chiropractors office where a broad approach is taken to permanently resolving pain almost anywhere in the body please feel free to get in touch.