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The Real Reason For Shoulder Knots



**Do you or someone your know have a stubborn ‘KNOT’ in behind your SHOULDER BLADE  that just won’t seem to go away?

One of the most common pains we see at our office is that classic ‘annoying’ ‘niggly’ persistent SHOULDER KNOT that seems to feel worse doing things like desk work. A percentage of these can be quite extreme and can affect your happiness and wellbeing. 

The reason that so many of you get stuck with these knots even after treatment, is that they they are not actually muscle knots. THE RIB CARTILAGE IS STUCK where it attaches to your spinal column. That’s why there is often very little relief with treatments like massage and acupuncture for this particular complaint. 

Many people with this complaint feel that they want deep massage, but it can never seem to be deep enough.. as if there is something it isn’t reaching … the stuck rib cartilage !!! 

The rib cartilages are small knuckle sized joints that attach your ribs to your spine, they enable the movement of the rib cage. Rib cartilage issues are usually something that has built up over time, often in relation to poor posture. Sometimes old injuries play a role too. 

These kind of rib problems are actually easily treated with muscle release followed by DEEP MOBILISATIONS of the rib cartilage.