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Wrist Pain

There are few more frustrating and limiting places you can have pain than the wrist and forearm.

Believe it or not even though most people think of the spine when they think Chiropractors we do a lot of very successful work with limb problems.

Due to the nature of our work many chiropractors over the years have found themselves that wrist pain, RSI and forearm pain can be very excruciating, sharp and limiting… about as much fun as toothache. The reason these areas get so sore is because of the sheer amount of work that they do. Many people who have RSI wrist and forearm pain become completely unable to use the effected hand.

The key to the vast majority of cases of wrist pain is treatment of the tendons. It’s the tendons in the forearm and wrist that do all hard work because they pull on the bones of the hand when we do ‘stuff’. Basically the constant pulling starts to cause inflammatory or mildly degenerative change in the tendons and they become sore.

If you are finding that certain activities and movements of your hand and forearm are becoming painful you will most likely find that our combination of passive stretches, manipulation, deep tissue release and sometimes acupuncture will bring surprisingly quick relief. The key to permanent ease from this kind of pain is special tendon stretches which generally resolves even the most gnarly of wrist problems.

If you live in Wellington and would like to attend our chiropractors office for treatment and relief of your wrist pain, forearm pain or RSI we would be happy to book you a consult at your earliest convenience so feel free to call us.


Treatment Type Fee With ACC
Regular $65 NA
- Child, Student, Pensioner $55 NA
Initial Consult $125 NA
- Child, Student, Pensioner $105 NA
Acupuncture +$10 NA
Rehabilitation +$10 NA

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