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What We Do

Our primary focus is using a flexible treatment approach to relieve your pain as quickly as possible. Our secondary focus is helping you uncover why you’ve developed your pain in the first place.
We combine chiropractic work with a wide range of other treatment options and rehab work –  to get the best possible results for our patients. In contrast to more traditional chiropractic practices the average duration of our treatments sits between 15-20 minutes. Pain relief is not a one size fits all endeavour!!
Our practice has passed through the skilled hands of 6 well respected chiropractors and has provided uninterrupted service to Wellingtonians for over 100 years. At our new premises on Waring Taylor St. we are working hard to bring chiropractic care into the 21st Century.
We are currently in the process of refreshing our website, please bear with us while we work on the finishing touches.

What We Treat


Very few of the complaints that we see at our chiropractors office are as unpleasant as migraine. Migraines vary in intensity and frequency – some of us are still able
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Hip Pain

There is a lot more to hip pain than arthritis and old age. And there is a lot more to treating hip pain than surgery - or even chiropractic. A flexible approach to hip pain rehab brings success in many instances.
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Neck Pain

Whether you suffer from annoying, long standing neck discomfort, from severe episodes of acute neck pain or some combination thereof you will no doubt be looking for some ease and relief.
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Shoulder Pain

Nagging discomfort, knots and pain in your shoulders can seriously effect your ability to work effectively and enjoy life. Severe pain in your shoulders can put your life on hold.
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Back Pain

Back pain can range from the level of mild annoyance right through to crippling levels of agonising pain.
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Ankle Pain

Ankle problems can be very frustrating. Many of us find that we either have to give up on certain activities or suffer pain during our chosen activities as a result
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Toby Hall - D.C BSc. Hons. IIst. Nat. Dip. MNZCA

Tobias Hall is fully qualified as a health and fitness coach, physical therapist and as a chiropractor. He has been working in the health and fitness industry for two decades. Like most truly effective therapists work for him is not just a job, it merges with his own philosophy on life. 

Tobias as a chiropractor is passionate about patient empowerment and believes we all ultimately have the ability to heal ourselves to a level way beyond short term pain and symptom management. He particularly enjoys working with people who have had enough of their pain and are ready for full restoration of strength and complete rehabilitation.

Tobias’ life purpose has turned out to be that of finding simple solutions to complex problems. He has a genuine fascination with the building blocks of human health and never tires of improving himself and others with the right combination of understanding, treatments and exercises.

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