Many of us have scar tissue in our necks without realising it – scar tissue is a far bigger topic than most of us realise. Scar tissue can build up after an injury – but it can also build up slowly over time due to issues like bad posture.

Research has shown that there are nerve pathways in your brain stem that can’t always tell where pain is coming from. These pathways will often report a headache when the problem is really tension, inflammation and scar tissue in the neck.

Persistent Tightness
It’s pretty obvious that muscle tension can cause tightness in the neck. It’s a common side effect of stress and desk work, the muscles tighten and they limit motion of the bones. A lesser known but major cause of stubborn neck tightness is scar tissue like fibrous change deep in the neck. This can come through injury or just years of poor posture.

Pressure Sensitivity
If the tissues in your neck are chronically compressed by tension & scar tissue you can develop what is known as ‘hyperalgesia’, this is when the tissue develop heightened sensitivity to touch. For people with this even the slightest touch can feel like being jabbed really hard in the neck and shoulder region. Not a nice way to be.

Neck pain is one of the most common symptoms that we humans suffer with and require treatment for. The majority of neck issues are caused by stress, poor posture and old injuries. Any of the above can leave a legacy of scar tissue in the neck. Once this has built up the soft tissues of the neck lose their elasticity and neck pain often becomes an intermittent or even persistent issue.

A Neck Crease
If we hold tension in our necks and/or have poor posture over an extended period of time we can build up scar tissues and shortened muscles groups. In particularly bad cases and in particularly bad moments this can be seen as a skin crease across the back of the neck.

So there you have it – 5 signs you might have scar tissue in your neck that is a part of the reason for your neck problems – or even headaches. The good news is that if you word with the right chiropractor and the right tools there is every chance you can find a way to lead a life with less neck pain.
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