7 Ways To Treat Ankle Pain

The best treatment for ankle pain depends on what the underlying cause of the ankle pain is. For this reason all good treatment plans start with correct diagnosis. 

By far the most common changes we see underpinning ankle pains are combinations of tendinopathies, micro-tears, weakness, poor alignment and scar tissue.

Depending on which specific physical issues you have some of the following treatments may help your ankle pain. 

Acupuncture / Dry Needling 

Acupuncture can be helpful in many cases of ankle pain. Acupuncture aims to promote blood flow, release pressure points in muscle and reduce pain signals.

Needles are inserted very superficially in and around the area of pain and we generally leave them in for around 10 minutes or so. With acupuncture treatment for ankle pain it’s often necessary to their acupuncturist or chiropractor twice per week for 1-3 weeks before you get a consistent response.

Acupuncture can be helpful in many cases of ankle pain

Many people find the use of ice for their ankle pain can be extremely beneficial. Ice works by interrupting pain signals and stimulated activity of blood vessels – thus reducing both inflammation and pain chemistry in the ankle tissues. 

Scar Tissue Release ( Graston Technique / Guasha )

Many people who tend a chiropractors office suffer with stubborn ankle pain that relates to historical sprain injuries that didn’t heal properly. Gentle scraping around the connective tissue of joints using a massage tool is a useful way to manage scar tissue in thee instances.

Guasha is the old fashioned Chinese name for this method but there are many others – like Graston Technique. The idea is to break up  microscopic scar tissue adhesions.

Custom orthotics provide the support necessary to enable more natural foot positions

Concrete and tarmac are very hard and very flat, they impose unnatural foot positions upon us millions of times per year as we move around the urban environment.

Custom orthotics provide the support necessary to enable more natural foot positions during walking and running. Orthotics ability to support the ankle make orthotics and insoles a vital part of managing ankle pain in the long term. Chiropractors are more then qualified to prescribe custom orthotics.

Deep Tissue Release

Many ankle pains are caused by myofascial trigger points (the painful spots we feel in muscles when we get a massage). It’s not the most fun to have done – but it can be great help for easing persistent ankle pains. 

Joint Mobilisation

Joints that have pain generally also lack  mobility. Restoring motion to the ankle joint is often an essential part of managing ankle pain. Joints are just as responsive to mobilisation as muscles are to stretching.

Balance & Proprioception Exercises

If you have ever sprained your ankle you will have suffered some loss of muscle tone and also motor control, hopefully just temporarily. Sadly though, many still exhibit measurable weakness in their ankles years after a bad sprain. This is a major cause of ankle pain. It’s never too late to experience the benefits of improved muscle functions through exercises carefully prescribed by your chiropractor.

Joints that have pain generally also lack  mobility


Most chiropractors patients with ankle pain to don’t show up asking for treatment for ankle pain. Our typical ankle pain sufferer comes to the chiropractors with some other primary complaint like shoulder pain or neck pain and they mention in passing that they also have some ankle pain that they had assumed wasn’t treatable.

Many chiropractic patients assume that an ankle sprain had not healed properly and never would. A good chiropractor looks at ankle pain the way most peoples look at dental pain, it’s just something to fix.  In terms of long term quality of life the rewards for taking the chiropractors can-do attitude to ankle pain can be very significant in the long term. 

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