Does Chiropractic Really Work Or Not?

In New Zealand chiropractors have the same legal standing as doctors and dentists. In fact few people know that New Zealand leads the world in chiropractic legislation. And that the New Zealand commission of Inquiry into chiropractic which found that chiropractors are highly trained professionals; Has actually guided chiropractic legislation the world over.

In 2023 chiropractic and chiropractors have the same legal standing as doctors and dentists in developed countries the world over. This is ultimately due to the exceptionally high standards of education that chiropractic colleges provide. And the level of qualification in pain management this leads to in the professions members.

In addition to these professional credentials, we can now see definitively that there is plentiful research that shows chiropractic adjustments are an effective component of successful pain management.

The elephant in the room is the fact that many people still question whether chiropractic is just old-fashioned quackery. It is quite surprising how persistent these maths and superstitions about chiropractors have proven to be, given that the New Zealand commission of Inquiry into chiropractic was conducted in 1978. And at that stage the commission declared that chiropractic should be a fully integrated part of the health care system; for the general public‘s good.

When it comes to pain management tools the reality is that there is no single treatment or intervention that works for everyone. Even blockbuster drugs that cost billions to develop do not even come close to working for every patient that they target. And so the same is true with chiropractic adjustments. There are a percentage of pain sufferers who find chiropractors adjustments to be completely life changing. And there are those who find that other treatments work better.

So ultimately in 2023 there was really no debate. Chiropractic does work. For some people. Like all other pain management tools and all other medicines. 

The best chance of success is if you can find a chiropractor who uses a broad range of treatments and tools. This gives you multiple chances of recovering from your pain, instead of relying solely on the chiropractors adjustments.

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