How Do I Know If I Need A Chiropractor?

With the rise of popular chiropractor Youtubers a growing number of people are finding they are better able to get an intuitive sense that they need a chiropractic adjustment. And it has always been the case that many people find their way to the chiropractors because they have a strong feeling that something needs to be clicked.

Massage Not Working

One of the most classic signs that you need a chiropractor is that massage does not work for you. Countless neck pain and back pain sufferers understandably use massage to seek some relief. Yet many find that the relief is either non-existent or very temporary. Most back and neck pain involves A lot of joint stiffness in the spine, and massage only works on the muscles. So if massage doesn’t work for you it could mean that you need a chiropractor to release some joint stiffness in your spine.

Acupuncture Not Working

Like massage, acupuncture targets pain in the soft tissues. Many neck pain and back pain sufferers find that acupuncture brings some good temporary relief. Yet deep down they can feel that the acupuncture isn’t truly releasing the pain. If you find that acupuncture has limited effects it could be a sign that you need the chiropractor to release some underlying joint stiffness. Often combining chiropractors’ adjustments with acupuncture can work really well.

Osteopath Not Working

Osteopaths are highly trained professionals who specialise in treating pain of the musculoskeletal system. In the sense they are a lot like chiropractors. If you see an osteopath but find that the treatment feels a bit too gentle, or that it isn’t really getting into the problem, it could be that you need a firmer adjustment from my chiropractor. Some pains respond better to osteopathy. Yet some other pains respond best to a slightly firmer release of joint stiffness from the spine that we have come to expect from chiropractors.

neck pain

Clicking Yourself

Calculus neck and back pain sufferers find that they are frequently or even constantly trying to click their own spine, to find some relief. Constantly trying to secure your spine is an unconscious attempt to release joint stiffness from your own spine. Which is very difficult to do. This tends to mean that you click around the actual problem multiple times a day, and never get any real relief. Self adjusting, or kicking your own spine is the surest sign that you most likely need a chiropractic adjustment, delivered by a professional.


It is a little known fact that the overwhelming majority of headaches come from the neck. People with chronic headaches and migraines tend to have a huge amount of tension in the spinal joints and muscles of the neck. Naturally when the body is in the state there are many triggers for headaches, yet the underlying cause of those sensitivities is inflammation of the nerve pathways in the neck. If you have chronic headaches it could be that chiropractic want before you and that it won’t be the answer. But literally millions of people before you have found that it was, so it’s well worth a shot.

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Tried Everything Else-itis

It is a well-known fact among chiropractors that we tend to be a last resort for people with pain. And yet, despite being a last resort we have an excellent hit rate for resolving pains that no other professional could successfully get under control. This is because of the depth of chiropractors training and the fact that so many people have pain in their spinal joints. There’s not really any big secret to it. If you have been through an exhaustive search for answers to your pain; and experience little of relief, there is an excellent chance that you have spinal joint stiffness. Which may well respond positively to some adjustments from a chiropractor.

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Sharp Locking or Nerve Pain

Many people with neck pain and back pain experience very sharp, sometimes lacking sensations in the area of pain. The classic and most extreme pattern that demonstrates this is when someone has very bad lower back pain and they can’t move without feeling like they are being stabbed. Many of these people naturally assume that they have nerves being pinched. But sharp, catching, stabbing type pains around the spine nearly always come from the spinal joints. If you have this kind of pain at any stage it is a strong signal that chiropractic adjustments could be for you. Yes of course it’s hard to know for sure without getting checked out properly by the chiropractor themselves.

Sciatica Pain

Hard To Straighten Up

When a percentage of lower back problems get really bad, the person finds that they are unable to stand up straight; usually after sitting for an extended period. These patients find that when they rise from a chair they feel crooked and it takes some time to stand up straight. In virtually every instance this symptom is caused by locking of the sacroiliac joints in the lower back. Finding that it is hard to straighten up when you have back pain is generally one of the surest signs that it is a chiropractor whose help you need. Because chiropractors specialise in mobilisation of the sacroiliac joints, and very few other professionals work with the sacroiliac joint specifically

Neck Pain

Can’t Turn Your Neck

The inability to rotate your neck when you have bad neck pain is so common that it is the most easily recognisable sign that somebody has neck pain. Most neck pain sufferers find that it is only a slight loss of rotation. Yet others find that this loss of movement becomes extreme and they feel that they end up moving a bit like a robot. Rotation of the neck occurs deep in the spinal joints. These little rows of knuckle sized joints allow the vertebrae to rotate upon one another when they are working well. If you lose rotation in your neck it is likely that these joints have locked and that you need a chiropractor to help you mobilise them.

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