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Ankle problems can be very frustrating. Many of us find that we either have to give up on certain activities or suffer pain during our chosen activities as a result our ankle issues .. which is no fun at all! Whilst many patients choose to see a physiotherapist for their ankle issues – others find that the chiropractors approach extremely useful. Chiropractors are trained in the care of joints – and the ankle is a joint!! 

The vast majority of ankle pains are mechanical in nature, that means that an overload of mechanical stress has caused the tissue in your ankle to become irritated or slightly damaged. The most common version of this is the classic ‘rolled ankle’ or ankle sprain but there are many other ways that things can go wrong in your ankle over time.

The important thing to understand about ankle pain is that a healthy strong ankle will almost never cause problems but an ankle that is weak or poorly aligned in some way will tend to be a trouble maker.

When considering your ankle pain we look very closely at your pain but we also like to look very closely at what the underlying causes might be… including weakness, bad movement habits and old unhealed injuries to name but a few.

In our search for answers we use comprehensive history taking, orthopaedic testing, x Ray reports and computerised gaitscan analysis leaving no stone unturned.  

When treating ankle pain we often use manipulation, acupuncture, rehab exercises and orthotic prescription. And in the vast majority of cases we get the win!

If you have injured your ankle or have ongoing ankle issues feel free to call us for an appointment (or a chat to see if an appointment sounds appropriate).

Seeing a chiropractor for your ankle pain can be an excellent treatment and rehabilitation option. Chiropractors are trained to understand how your bodies pain and injuries connect to the other parts of your body. Chiropractors can frequently uncover faulty movement patterns that are the underlying cause of ankle issues and help you to find ways of resolving them.

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