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Many people choose to consult their chiropractor regarding any hip pain that they suffer with. Hip pain is a complex issue. For some it can come in acute painful episodes – but for others it is an ongoing daily discomfort when doing certain things – for others it is a symptom that simply comes and goes. Hip pain can be triggered by injuries and weaknesses but also by stress and lifestyle changes.

Although hip pain is a complex topic the good news is that for the majority of sufferers finding relief can be pretty simple – once they receive the right treatment and advice. 

Major themes that can lead to hip pain include:

  • wasting of muscles deep in the hip and gluteal region (deeper than where most gym programmes target) – this is the mother of all causes and accounts for a massive number of cases
  • old injuries that were never properly treated by a chiropractor or osteopath and never resolved properly
  • an old injury to the hip that did heal but left some tight scar tissue in the hip region
  • damage to supporting muscles caused by pregnancy and child birth leaving the hips without proper support
  • poor technique in sports and exercise activities can put unnatural strain on the pelvis  and cause hip pain (and other pains too)
  • awkward lifestyle requirements. A great example would be the classic ‘supporting child on your hip while doing things around house’ on a daily basis
  • diseases and arthritic changes in the hip can be the cause of hip pain in some rare.
    Whatever your pattern of hip pain is rest assure that regardless of the specifics chiropractors are almost always establish the underlying cause and provide pain relief.

Chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists always aim to find the exact body tissues that have become painful in sufferers of hip pain. 

These possibilities include:

  • the spinal bones can lock and become inflamed causing pain both back pain and also down the sciatica type pain around the hip. Chiropractors can treat this in their sleep.
  • the gluteal muscles and hip muscles can develop deep pressure points or be subject to minor tears that cause hip pain treatable by chiropractors, deep massage and acupuncture ( we frequently combine all 3 at our clinic)
  • the nerve plexus in the Lower spine can cause severe hip pain and sciatic pain if it is inflamed or compressed. You really don’t want this to happen to you and the good news is it probably never will.

If you want to discuss whether we think chiropractic treatment combined with the other froms of treatment we use to treat hip pain feel free to give us a call or an email.

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