What’s The Best Way To Choose A Chiropractor?

One of the biggest challenges that pain sufferers face is in finding a practitioner who’s treatment works for them. It is quite normal to find you have to work through a number of chiropractors before you find one that works for you. But what are the best ways to find a chiropractor who is a good fit for you?

Google reviews

Google Reviews

The age of the Google review is a revolution for people who are looking for a good chiropractor. And let’s face it, we’d rather not buy sushi from a place with bad reviews, let alone choose a healthcare provider without good reviews. 

It is worth looking at the overall star rating a prospective chiropractor has. As well as reading the individual reviews, which can give you a bit of insight into the type of work they do. It is also worth bearing in mind that a 5 star rating from 5 reviews is not the same thing as a 5 star rating from 200 reviews. 

If a large number of people are reviewing a chiropractor’s office it is probably either a very good sign or a very bad sign, depending on the nature of the reviews, If a prospective chiropractor has a low number of reviews it could be a sign of indifference among their patients. Or it could simply be that they are a relatively new business.

word of mouth

Word Of Mouth​

By far the best way to find the right chiropractor for you is by having them recommended by a close friend of family member. Second best is by having them recommended by an trusted acquaintance. The closer you are to the referring person the more probably you will get on with the people they get on with.

If you have a good rapport and plenty in common with the person who raves about their chiropractor, it’s far more likely you will resonate with them. It’s not guararnteed of course, but on the balance of probabilities you will more likely get on with a chiropractor who also gets on with your nearest and dearest.

Having a chiropractor referred by a close friend also gives you the chance to ask lots of questions about the type of work the chiropractor does to see if it sounds like your jam.

Website vibes

Website Vibes​

Being a good chiropractor and making a good website are two very different skills. So there is a ceiling on how much you can tell from a chiropractors website. But at the same time, in most instances you can tell quite a lot about how a chiropractor approaches pain management from having a good read of their website.

If you have some previous experience with chiropractors, checking out the website of a prospective chiropractor can be especially worthwhile. If you have had a few chiropractors in your life, you probably know what style of chiropractor works for you. Having a good old troll through a few chiropractors websites will most likely give you a fair idea who you like. If however you have never been to a chiropractor before you are probably better off going by their reviews and perhaps supplementing it by reading their bio.

Ask questions

Ask A Question

If you know exactly what you do (or don’t) want in a chiropractor, it can be a worthwhile exercise to write down a handful of questions that you might ask. Then simply call their reception and ask the questions, they’ll be more than happy to answer them.

If you know you want a specific kind of adjustment, you know that you don’t need x rays because you have had lots of treatment before, or you prefer to have a female chiropractor, or you don’t like 3 minute long healthcare interactions; it is well worth calling ahead and checking by asking the questions. Rather than potentially paying for an initial consultation, only to find that the chiropractors style just wasn’t for you.

Trial & Error​

It is an inconvenient fact of life that not all treatment stylers work for all people. And also that not all interpersonal styles are a good match. And it is very important that your chiropractor ends up being a good match.

Ultimately even if a chiropractor has a great website, amazing google reviews and fixed you twin sister they may just not be for you. The reasons for this could be physical, or there could be a personality clash which would be no one’s fault. This is why it is important to be willing to do a bit of trial and error when seeking a chiropractor.

Part of being willing to try a few chiropractors if necessary, is understanding that you might not get good results with one chiropractor, but the next one you might find to be a ‘miracle worker’. If you hired a ‘bad’ electrician the natural thing to do is just call around and try to find another one. Using the same policy with chiropractors can pay dividends.

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