Who Is Our Chiropractor?

Our chiropractor is Tobias Hall. Tobias is a UK trained chiropractor with qualifications that span sports therapy, wellness and traditional chinese medicine disciplines. Tobias has 25 years of experience. Tobias has lectured Sport Therapy subjects, been team chiropractor for some of Ireland’s top sports teams and is Stuff’s contributing expert on all things pain related.

From an early age Tobias exhibited a strong hunger for knowledge about all things health related, combined with an unusually even mixture of scepticism and open mindedness. Tobias has a broad experience of the healthcare & wellness space on a personal and professional level. Included what he believes was his greatest personal and professional lesson. An extended break from full time chiropractic to heal his own cancer in his late 20’s. 

Tobias claims that these experiences have given him a unique opportunity to assess the strengths and weaknesses of our current healthcare paradigm. And some genuine insight into the things that really make us sore and sick. This is important because so many pain patients struggle with knowing why they have pain; and which treatments give them the best chance of success.

Tobias believes above all else that pain and the human body are complex. So a flexible and broad minded approach to healthcare and treatment is vital. He also strongly believes that a great many of our pains are caused by stress, attributes of the urban environment, muscle atrophy and unhealed emotional trauma.

Tobias is our only chiropractor, but he works alongside Kade Christensen who is a trained sports therapist, paramedic and advanced yogi. They work as a tight team, to provide holistic pain care for City Chiropractic patients and patients who receive rehab care through our sister company, Featherston St Pain Clinic.

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