Will Chiropractic Work For Me?

Unfortunately there is no way to know for sure if chiropractic will work for you. If you find a good chiropractor however, they may be able to give you an educated guess as to whether chiropractic is likely to help with your specific condition. Yet even with an expert opinion you still won’t know for sure unless you go ahead and try it.

If you have found that other pain relief massage methods have failed, it slightly increases the chance that chiropractic will work for you. This is because most other pain relief methods target the soft tissues and not joint pain.

If you have found that massage helps your pain but just brings temporary relief, this also slightly increases your chances of success with chiropractic care. Because muscles around the spine tend to tighten back up when the underlying joint tissues are irritated.

If you have been through the full spectrum of medical tests and they have all come back normal, this is another finding that somewhat increases your chances of success with seeing a chiropractor. Sorry buddy if you have been through all those tests and ruled out all the serious medical issues it is quite possible that chiropractic could be helpful. This is because medical tests do not show stuck spinal joints, but they do rule out a load of other stuff.

If you have a nagging suspicion that you might need to see a chiropractor it usually means that you do. This felt sense that it is maybe your spine that is causing pain and you need a chiropractor is by far the most reliable way to see if chiropractors may work well for your pain. Whether we understand healthcare well or not our bodies have a highly sophisticated way of letting us know certain things.

If you find yourself trying to manage your neck pain or back pain by checking yourself a lot, this is another sign that you probably will respond well to seeing a chiropractor. People who self adjust or click their own spine frequently are usually trying to fix joints that are permanently stuck in their neck. Many fail to truly release them. Most of these people find great relief when they finally get a spinal adjustment from a professional.

Yet, even if you do check some of the above boxes the only way to know for sure if chiropractic will work for you is to consult one. Then if they think it’s appropriate, start the process of treatment, and monitor your response carefully. 

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