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5 Causes of Stubborn Neck Pain




I was talking to a lady last week who has been told the ‘If you go to the chiropractor once you have to keep going back forever because it loosens the bones’ urban myth.. that hopefully at least some of you have never heard of.  Its an old wives tale that’s been doing the rounds for years and it’s nothing more than a bit of chiropractor superstition .. which is not to say that regular chiropractors style manipulation is right for everyone and at all times… but thats a different story.


I was busy feeling a bit frustrated for the lady that she has been told this ‘unintentional lie’ about a treatment that could improve  her quality of life dramatically when i realised what the real problem is … she doesn’t know what the actual reasons are that someone might need to go to the chiropractor a little too often.  If she knew the real reasons why treatment doesn’t last in some people and they have to go back to the chiropractors sooner rather than later she wouldn’t fall for the casual and uneducated advice spouted by her peers around topics they aren’t trained to give advice in ( I dont mean to sound harsh but thats what it is) .


So for her and for you here are a short list of reasons why chiropractors treatments for neck pain might not last as long as they should …



This is very simple and easy to understand. When we feel stress / frustration / fear / anxiety we tend to clench the muscles in our neck and shoulders. Clenching of muscles if it happens over time puts stress on the delicate spinal joints and shortens the connective tissue .. a surefire recipe for neck pain.


Unhealed Injury / Whiplash

Probably 2/3 of the people who come to us with neck pain are     suffering at least partially from old unhealed injuries in their neck. The confusing thing is that these injuries can sit quietly in the body for years before turning into a headache or neck pain.


Sleeping On Tummy

If you sleep on your front it twists your neck for what is hopefully at least 7-8 out of every 24 hour period. The human neck does not like to be rotated for hours and hours at a time it’s not designed for that. Slap yourself on the wrist then come and see us for some coaching on how to change this.


Sitting At Desk All Day

Alright you probably knew about this one. What many do not realise is that over time desk sitting ( and standing ) develops scar tissue which is the physical change that makes us ‘hunched’.


Muscles Wasting –

Weakness of the muscles in the upper back is about as common in modern humans as a bit of plaque on the teeth. This is due to the fact that we most likely do about 20% of the work with our upper back muscles that nature intended for hunter gatherers.


If you would like to work with chiropractors who seek to help you go beyond undue dependence on treatments and you live in Wellington NZ feel free to give us a call. We dont just treat back pain and neck pain either .. hip pain, knee pain, foot pain, shoulder pain, toe pain RSI are all on the menu.