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Are Your Hips On Their Way Out ?



Degeneration or Arthritis of the hip joint must surely be one of the most common and well known chronic ailments of all time.
I get asked on a weekly basis ‘do you think it’s arthritis’ in relation to a broad spectrum of pains that live in and around the hip. And thankfully the answer is usually ‘no, don’t be silly’.
In a chiropractors office whether you are managing hip pain or any other pain you get to see problems in many different phases of their progression.  I have noted over the years that there are almost always quite a few clues along the path towards arthritis of the hip that let you know it’s on the way.

1st phase hip pain and degeneration

  • very slight and occasional stiffness or discomfort around the hip or noticing that it has lost a bit of mobility perhaps in your yoga class. This can be for many the first sign of trouble… And for many others it can just be a wee muscular niggle that passes.


  • If stiffness or discomfort become a reoccurring or stubborn and stable situation no matter how mild it is probably already time to call your chiropractors or osteopath to see if they can have a look for you.


2nd phase hip pain and degeneration

  • More stubborn and persistent pain and stiffness around your hip and thigh area, perhaps spanning years in duration and sometimes with flare ups. At this level it is more than a mild annoyance and can start to impact your activity levels or certain your enjoyment of certain activities.


  • If you are experiencing frequent or stubborn pains around your hip it is DEFINITELY time to call your chiropractor or osteopath and see about mobilising and strengthening your hip.


3rd phase hip pain and degeneration

  • Serious and stubborn pain around the hip that either won’t go away or is there most of the time. At this stage you have probably ignored many of the warnings your body has tried to give you and are now really struggling.

The good news is that even at this stage the majority still aren’t headed for a point where they will need surgery.

The best and most scientific plan is to pursue a course of mobilising and strengthening in order to try and conservatively manage your pain. If you visit a good chiropractor they will be able to order or take x rays and do tests to establish the state of the hips and then have a run at managing it without invasive surgery.
By age 70 the difference between the Have’s and the Havenot’s is huge. Some of us can play and enjoy 3 rounds of golf a week without hip pain at 70 and some can’t even make it around Countdown without help. This is not just good or bad luck !!!
Timely strengthening programs for hip pain and arthritis before it becomes surgical will one day become the norm but don’t wait for that. Listen to your body and if it’s repeatedly trying to tell you something take heed and call someone who has experience in such matters.