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Chiropractor & Acupuncture – A Match Made In Heaven



In the old days everybody stayed in they’re lane ! Bakers sold you bread, butchers sold you meat and dog food, milk only came from the milkman or a cow, acupuncturists used needles to treat pain and chiropractors in wellington and beyond only offered manipulation of spinal bones. That was then though, many product and service providers like chiropractors have diversified… and some have not.

Today we live in brave new world. Your local cafe will supply you with pastries, baked goods, coffee and sophisticated hot meals.. it never used to be like that but these days it is just considered normal. Except in the world of healthcare and pain mangement. It is still the industry norm to require a large group of ‘specialists’ each of whom provide you with an ‘individual’ treatment or perspective.

We are conditioned too accept that if we want some acupuncture we go to practitioner A, if we want some spinal manipulation we go to chiropractor B, if we want some deep tissue release new go somewhere else again… this can be an expensive and disconnected process. Yet we accept it in a way that we never would if we showed up at a gym and it turned out to only have one machine.

There are many possible ways that you may need to be treated if you have stubborn back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pain, headaches etc. Combining treatments like acupuncture, acupressure, deep tissue release, facial release and rehabilitation exercise prescription  with chiropractic is in my view an absolutely essential approach if you want to be able too help a meaningful cross section of people and pains.

The combination of acupuncture and dry needling is a particularly potent form of pain relief. The reason for this is that the combination of mobilisation of the joints (chiropractic) and release of tension in the muscles (acupuncuture) bring work together on the two main issues most often found in the painful area (joint stiffness and muscle tension).

When we develop pain there is a tendency for us to sometimes self-assess and come up with ‘I think it’s just muscular‘ diagnosis. I am going on record here and saying that in 20 years as a chiropractor I have never seen a case of neck pain, shoulder pain or back pain that was just muscular. I have seen many cases as a chiropractor that had HEAPS of muscle spasm, but there are always underlying movement issues in the underlying spinal tissues once we have back pain. This truth about the eternal multi-faceted nature of back pain, neck pain, headaches and just about all the other niggle pains is there reason why combining chiropractic with other treatments is a wise choice.

Fortunately there are those of you who can progress with straight up chiropractors methods and those of you who will respond well to acupuncture alone. If thats true this post is not relevant for you at the moment, that may change down the track it sometimes does. If you are like me and you find that no one treatment like chiropractic works entirely for your issues then seek out professional care from non-purists who are willing to mix and match treatments until they find what works for you.