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Chronic Pain & Fire Alarms



If you think about it not every dollar you spend is the same as every other .. Obvious perhaps, but think about $10 spent on a glass of craft beer, delicious. Now compare it though to the $10 my friend spent on a fire alarm for his upstairs hallway that saved his life and the lives of his wife and 3 children .. $10 well spent ???


There is a small similarity with seeing a chiropractor who is oriented towards helping you re-establish the muscular support of your hips, back and shoulders.


For many long term pain sufferers a small handful of coaching sessions followed by a consistent 5-10 minute a day exercise routine involving a maximum of 3 very carefully chosen and executed exercises is enough for them to reach for words like ‘AWESOME’ and ‘CURE’.


This is money well spent when you consider that the cost is not different from the cost of a few massages – the cost of relying too heavily on your chiropractor to maintain your mobility  – the cost of an unnecessary set of x rays. Let alone the cost of not being able to work because you are in severe pain.


The bodies joints are a major cause of back pain, a major cause of hip pain, a major cause of neck pain and a major cause of shoulder pain. Through bad posture and excessive sitting we compress these joints year in year out and in addition their supporting muscles weaken.
Having a chiropractor restore the movement by decompressing painful joints through acupuncture and chiropractic methods, then assist you with strengthening is a reliable long term solution to many of life’s annoying and debilitating pains.