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A Chiropractors Perspective Cold Hands and Feet – Tips and Tricks




Lots of people complain of cold hands and feet. Strange really considering we live mostly in warm dry homes, work in warm dry offices,  drive warm dry vehicles and wear warm dry clothes. You’d think being wrapped up so snugly in our urban lives we would have lovely warm glowing hands and feet but for many of us this is not the case.


The Science


Interestingly the truth is that all this warmth and dryness is actually the cause of all this poor circulation. The thing is that every blood vessel in the human body is first and foremost a tube of muscle, the entire blood system right down to capillaries is an extension of the hearts pump.  Like all muscles those that make up the walls of our blood vessels need a good regular workout.


Capillaries don’t lift weights,  they get their workout through being made to do their job of moving blood around.  Your hand and foot capillaries move the most blood around when you get cold because your extremities need lots of blood to stop you from freezing.


Low temperatures increase the need for blood in the extremities and so  trigger blood vessel pumping in the hands and feet providing the daily workout for the vessels… unless of course you live in a warm dry world.  So there we have it, people with cold hands and feet suffer because their blood vessels have become couch potatoes.


The Trick


If you are suffering from cold hands and feet follow this easy process every day to strengthen you blood vessels…


step 1.

Fill and ice cube tray and freeze it.


step 2.

Place ice cubes in a small basin with cold water


step 3.

Dunk you habitually cold body parts in until they ache, let the ache play out for a few minutes and then take them out again.

*ache is the key just like pain at the gym its good but don’t overdo it,  you can build up to more ice but take your time. a few minutes at first is enough.


step 4.

Stand by for happy warm hands… over time !


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