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Deep Tissue Release


Deep Tissue Release is a very important part of what we do at the chiropractors. This is because a high percentage of chiropractic patients have muscle pain as well as pain coming from the spine. Successful pain management is largely dependent upon successfully identifying precisely which tissue is causing your pain. I you have muscle pain as part of your condition you will probably need deep tissue work done at some point.

Painful pressure points are actually focused electrical disturbances in your muscle. Applied deep pressure can restore the flow of electricity within the muscle which causes it to relax. This makes a chiropractors job much easier that’s for sure.

If you have pain deep in your hip, deep in your low back or in your shoulder it is likely that amongst other things you have trigger points in the muscle. At City Chiropractic we are always certain to identify exactly where your pain is coming from and release it. If you have pain in your muscles we will release it with our thumbs or maybe even our elbows… Only as much as you can handle though !

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