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Do You Have Shoulder Pain ?



Have you been suffering from shoulder pain? Shoulder pain can come in the form of a constant daily niggle that just drags you down.  Shoulder pain can sometimes appear as severe episodes where you have a lot of pain and can’t move your head or arm.
There are many ways that shoulder pain can play out and it’s a complex issue but my intention with this blog it not to bore you with all that. My intention is to bring something to your attention that almost no shoulder pain sufferers are aware of when they first arrive in my chiropractors office in Wellington.

Your Ribs Are Out of Whack

If you have ongoing problems around your shoulder blade or with your rotator cuff your ribs are virtually guaranteed to be playing a major part.
If you picture the classic slightly hunched over office worker / chiropractors patient you are seeing someone who’s ribs have fallen forward and who’s upper back muscles have wasted. This the cause of shoulder and rotator cuff problems.

The Chiropractors Fix

For long standing sufferers of classic shoulder pain having their ribs mobilised by a chiropractor gives near instant relief of a sore shoulder and following up with strengthening of the upper back muscles (which can be done at home or gym) usually leads to them claiming they have been ‘cured’. Personally I am a lot more cautious about using the C word but it’s very satisfying to see people pain free.