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Is Stress Causing Your Neck Pain / Back Pain ?



We needn’t put much energy into questioning whether there is a connection between chronic pain and stress because science has taken care of that debate for us.  Research has shown beyond a doubt that increased stress levels and chronic pain are closely related so given that you are reading a chiropractors blog there is a distinct chance that stress is part of the reason for your pain. I can honestly say I don’t see many cases of back pain at my chiropractors office that are not in some way related to stress.


So bearing in mind that I know more than most about pain what do I have to say about the topic of ‘stress and pain’ ???


Well….I think its important to start by remembering that stress starts in our environment ( obnoxious boss, traffic jam, lost car keys ) and then impacts our nervous system ( thoughts, feelings, jaw clenching ). So being realistic if you want to deal with stress related pain at its root cause this is where you need to put your effort long term.

Here is one chiropractors list of stress management techniques  ….

Yin Yoga ( free on YouTube even )

Get stuck into some gentle yoga .. such common advice that we are in danger of feeling like a cliche so lets move on down the list.



Try this but be wary of those who tell you that you should ‘clear your mind’ because trying to do that can be ‘stressful’.  Headspace app. is genuinely a really good way to learn meditation from people who truly understand it.  There is no question that meditation is a worthwhile for a back pain sufferers or neck pain sufferer to learner long term… mastering it could save you a fortune in chiropractors bills.


Get Up Earlier

Either get up a bit earlier than you absolutely have to and have a gentle slightly slower start to the day or sleep for as long as possible and leave the house in a mad rush.  Perhaps try both at different times and observe each effect the rest of your day and how it feels.  If you are anything like me the results of your research could be life changing.


Floatation Tanks

Floatwell on Cuba St. is a hidden gem going here regularly will change your life. Do some homework on what floating is if you dont already know.



Go to the beach and smell the air, getting into our senses gets us out our heads. Even if you don’t notice the difference being in nature does generally reduce stress especially if you make a habit of it.


Avoid ‘The News’

9/10 times The News is the end product of what happens when……  100 million events take place in the human world then someone selects the negative one for you and reports inaccurately for profit.  Consider trying to give it up like you would smoking or sugar because negativity feeds stress



If you don’t have a pet steal someone else’s and spend some quiet time with it. Its been proven that stroking a dog for example lowers the blood pressure of human beings.

I am deliberately offering you very simple and accessible solutions here because those are not only often the most effective ones they are the ones that you will most likely stick to.


These are all great ways to gently work on our stress but remember that Rome was not built or de-stressed in a single day.  When managing back pain, neck pain, hip pain, headache etc it is important to understand that it does take time for stress management to take effect on the body.  If you have stress related pain you are likely to be similar in a way to the person with a chronic cough who needs ‘treatment’ as well as to give up smoking.  Working on the underlying cause of your pain is not always enough to change how you feel NOW  if you have long standing problems .. thats where your chiropractor comes in.