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Is Chiropractic Safe ?



Everybody knows that the traditional mainstay of a chiropractors tool kit is manipulation of the spinal bones. We also know that sometimes there is a clicking sound that comes from the application of these manipulations.  Most people have also seen any number of films where a click of the neck was the method Jean Claude Van Damme (my personal favourite) used to dispatch someone who usually really deserved it.
But in the real world is chiropractic safe and what is the clicking sound?


Clicks can come from the joints and connective tissue for all sorts of reasons.
The clicks in your ankle are ligaments rubbing on the bone. Clicks in the knee are rough cartilage rubbing slightly due to normal wear and tear.
Clicks in the neck when a chiropractor manipulates are tiny gas bubble forming in the small knuckles between spinal bones.
If you were to apply several thousand times the force of the average chiropractic adjustment to a human spine you would also probably hear a more sinister kind of click which would be connective tissue breaking or a bone fracture.

Safe As

Believing that a chiropractor could break your normal ‘undiseased’ neck accidentally is merely superstition. A superstition not held by all cultures, I was talking to a Norwegian lady recently  who found it laugh out loud funny that some people (even some doctors) believe this.
The truth is that chiropractic is the 3rd largest registered health profession on the planet and has an exemplary safety record (neck manipulation is 100 times safer than aspirin)  both in large scientific studies and anecdotally.
Does this mean that no one has ever been made more sore by a chiropractors attempts to fix them? Of course it doesn’t, all effective forms of  healthcare carry the risk of aggravation and side effects.. No exceptions !