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Is Chiropractic Theory a Load of Old Nonsense ?




People often ask me ( almost daily ) what the difference is between a chiropractor and an osteopath, and the answer to this question opens the door to aspects of chiropractors treatment that most were not previously aware of.


Almost everyone who turns up at the chiropractors office these days is looking for pain relief and yet the traditional theory of chiropractic goes way beyond the idea for pain relief.


My answer to the question ‘ what’s the difference between chiroractors and osteopaths is this …

‘Traditionally osteopaths believe that working on the circulation and soft tissues is one of the keys to better health throughout the body .. and chiropractors believe that relieving nerve interference in the spinal tissues is one of the major keys to better health throughout the body’.


So there it is .. chiropractors claim that nerve interference in the spine is a cause of unwellness and sickness and I think it’s fair to say that for many of us the day we hear that from a chiropractor is the first time we have encountered that theory.


For the purpose of this blog I am going to resist the urge to cite any evidence to support the theory because for all you know the research could be badly executed. I am also going to abstain from any one of the thousand personal instances I have seen where people have absolutely undeniable and sudden shifts in the well-being under my care .. because that could be placebo or just me being a bit full of it. Instead I am going to make a short list of undeniable facts that at least show that the chiropractors hypothesis is a sound one …


Fact 1
The brain orchestrates the functions of the body and it does so through its spinal cord and a complex web of nerves.


Fact 2
Each pair of spinal nerve roots has a bundle of nerve endings just as they exit the spine that regulate the automatic functions of the body – breathing / digesting etc. These nerve roots sit right up against the small joints that cause most neck and back pain .. the small joints that chiropractors mobilise for a living.


Fact 3
Every organ and system in the body needs a healthy blood supply and a healthy nerve supply or they won’t be able to achieve full function. If a nerve is compressed or saturated in inflammation it’s function is effected.


Fact 4
All of the bodies secretions like those in the digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems are pumped and regulated by squillions of tiny muscles. The contraction of these muscles is governed by central nervous system and the spinal nerves.

In a nutshell we could say that the nervous system regulates the body and some of the main ‘relay stations’ are right deep in the spine where we tend to get sore and injured ( in cases of back and neck pain ) and also right in where chiropractors do their work.


The only other things I have to point out is that while what we are discussing is just theory …. it’s today’s theory that becomes tomorrow’s scientific fact ( if it survives scientific scrutiny of course ) .. and that today’s hypothesis is tomorrow’s research. So if you can read between the lines and follow the breadcrumbs you might at least find it possible to keep an open mind about this culturally strange and exotic theory.


All theoretical ramblings aside if you are looking for a chiropractors office in Wellington who take an open minded and positive approach to your bodies ability to heal itself look no further. 🙂