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Is There a Sharp ‘Nervy’ Pain in Your Back?



The type of acute episodes of low back pain that we see at our chiropractors office in Wellington CBD are often characterised by an intense ache and also very sharp stabbing pains which are triggered by certain movements.


The typical sufferer of acute low back pain like this finds it very hard to move around without sharp pain, has real trouble moving from sitting and lying to standing, frequently has some pain in the back of their leg and are really fed up.  A % have also been told that they have ‘sciatica’ or a ‘trapped nerve’ (which lord knows it can feel that bad very easily) but thankfully this is rarely the case …. why is this ???


The vast majority of cases of low back pain don’t relate to any real damage to a disc or to compression of a nerve.. those that do generally have incredibly deep,  constant  9/10 burning pain in a leg and haven’t slept or smiled for as long as the pain has been there. This is in contrast to the very unpleasant sharp stabby pain that usually punctuates a horrible ache in the back which we see with normal back pain.


The confusing thing for sufferers and doctors alike is that the normal type back pain can be so sharp that it feels like pressure on a nerve and also that it can send an ache to the leg.  The truth however about this pain is that it is joint pain. 


The delicate little spinal joints that support the weight in your low back have become inflamed and they are protesting when your weight goes on to them.


Picture a very swollen sore knuckle having pressure put on it… it no likey !! The real understanding kicks in when you understand that because these structures are quite delicate mother nature put about a million pain nerve endings in them to make sure you are gentle with them when they get into trouble.  Ribs do something similar when they are injured.. because they are delicate and very important equipment they have lots and lots and lots of pain nerve fibres… if you have had a rib injury you will know exactly what i am talking about… you don’t have to have broken them for it to hurt ALOT… and low backs are the same.


The solution to this type of sharp pain and restriction of movement in most cases is gentle and progressive mobilisation by a skilled chiropractor or osteopath. Part of this process of mobilisation is often using tools that also get there muscles to relax around the area to ease it as well.


If you live in Wellington and  have sharp pains in your low back and or some loss of mobility and you want a progressive forward thinking chiropractors office to have a look feel free to call me for a chat.