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Is there a simple explanation for the back pain you take to the chiropractors



There is no question that back pain and neck pain we see at the chiropractors are complex issues. But is there a simple explanation for what they are and why they happen that we can understand at a glance? Yes there is!
Back pain and neck pain come from compression of the spinal bones and their connective tissue.  If your spine is unnaturally compressed severely or for long enough pain will result.
Lifting a heavy object can cause compression of the spine leading to back pain.
Whiplash injuries hyperextend the spine and compress the back of the spine leading to neck pain and often headaches.
Sitting at a desk for long periods year after year gradually compresses the spine and often leads to chronic pain.
Weakness of the core muscles leaves insufficient support of the bones .. You’ve guessed it .. Compression.
If if you stop to think it stands to reason.  The bones bear the weight of life (muscles are designed to move and support the bones). Those people who go their whole life without back pain or neck pain or chiropractors ( they do exist ) have for whatever reason avoided unnatural or prolonged compressions of the delicate bones in their spines. Simple.
Whatever the cause of your pain, as chiropractors we will always endeavour to understand not only what is hurting but why it is hurting. This approach gives your chiropractor a much better chance of keeping you pain free in the long term.