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Lifestyle Advice


Many of the major factors that influence whether we end up at the chiropractors with neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain or even headaches relate to our habits and our lifestyle .

Our sleeping postition, the amount we exercise we do, the way we train and the amount of stress we endure are a small handful of influences upon our pain levels week to week.

It has consistently amazed me over the years the difference a bit of well timed and well worded advice can make. I remember as a new graduate chiropractor  I spent 3 month trying to fix a mans headaches without much luck. I eventually realised he was sleeping on his tummy and when I talked him out of that his headaches vanished immediately and he didn’t need any more chiropractic treatment.

There are times when a seemingly small piece of information from someone who has spent their life studying a certain topic can go along way; especially sometimes if you have been trying to figure something out for yourself for a long time and not had much luck.

If you want to get a chiropractors assessment of how your lifestyle is likely to be impacting your pain levels feel free to get in touch.

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