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Looking for a chiropractor or more than just temporary pain relief?



My passion as a chiropractor is rehabilitating people for whom being free of pain in the longer term would be a life changing event.
The process of short term relief of back pain sometimes involves chiropractic spinal manipulation, acupuncture and other pain relieving modalities but eliminating recurrence of back pain is about careful education and very careful and highly specific muscle strengthening.

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Wellington, come to Courtenay Chiropractic. We look as deeply as humanly possibly at what is causing your back pain with a view to finding long term relief from the threat of pain call us any time.


People who go through our deep core strengthening programme find that they get fewer and fewer episodes of sharp disabling back pain. For those who have constant aches and niggle in their lower back as the core muscles start to fire properly the pain in their backs gradually recedes leaving them much happier, less stiff and more comfortable.