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Core Isolation Training

Having low back pain is in no way life threatening, it is for many though seriously threatening to our quality of life.

For the worst sufferers a back issue can mean a life spent in fear of sudden pain in the low back which comes with no warning and can put you out of action and into severe pain for weeks at a time. Back pain can be as scary as it is painful.

For others your back problem just means that there are certain activities that you can’t do without a guaranteed pain in the low back.

The connection between having Low back pain and a weak core in our experience is consistent and profound. 99% of all toothache is related to dental decay and 99% of all back pain comes with a weak core to one degree or another.

A better practical understanding of how your core works is often the biggest and most important box that needs to be ticked for you to become pain free long term.

‘The Core’ is the collective name we give to muscles that provide support to the trunk region, it distinguishes these muscles from muscles that create movement in the trunk. Difinitively these core muscles are deep so you can’t see them which is why perhaps there is so much confusion even among health and fitness professionals as to which precise muscle groups they are.

For our purposes here it’s probably enough to know that if you can see it then it isn’t the core. Many of the stiffest lower backs and weakest cores we have seen over the years were in those who sport magnificent 6 packs. In contrast the average sumo wrestler has superhuman strength in their core… truly well hidden.

If you have worked hard at your core strength but still have a bad back it definitely puts a question mark over whether you have successfully targeted the deepest layer of the core. The best way to check is to have us do some simple tests which can quickly establish whether you have control of the deeper muscles.

For most back pain sufferers effective activation and strengthening of the deep core ( where it really counts ) is a matter of great focus subtlety and persistence . We coach people to develop this skill ‘one on one’ and find that it brings consistent breakthroughs.

Our approach to chiropractic is born out of a desire to help you find not only pain relief but to understand what practical steps you might make beyond working with traditional chiropractors alone to achieve your outcomes.

If you would like to discuss your core or any aspect of the health of your spine please feel free to call us.


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