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Scar Tissue Release


If you have long standing shoulder pain, neck pain or back pain that always comes back too soon after your chiropractors / massage / osteopathic treatement this is for you.

If you have noticed your shoulders slumping forward as the years pass and your posture gradually collapsing this is for you.

Pain can be released and posture can be corrected in a relatively short space of time with the right chiropractors and the right techniques.

Dr. Alfred Breig – a Swedish Neurosurgeon and researcher, discovered the Meningeal Adhesion in the 1950’s.
A Meningeal Adhesion is a stuck section of the connective tissue which covers  brain and spinal cord within the spinal bones.

These adhesions cause compression of the spinal bones and muscles compensations.  Headaches, neck pain, shoulder and knee problems, painful feet, and low back pain ensue.

Having these adhesions stretched out once and for all  is a great way to release old pains, correct posture and put your chiropractor out of business !!



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