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The Good News About Back Pain



Some cases of back pain play out as a chronic annoyance, pain at a low level that wears you down because it is there so much of the time. Other cases present as acute episodes that can not only be scarily painful but put you out of action.  Some cases of back pain that present at Courtenay Chiropractic are activated by some specific activity e.g prolonged standing.  No matter what style of pain you have though the news is all good.
In the last 20 years there has been an avalanche of quality research into the management and treatment of back pain. The problem is that this research had not been embraced too well yet by healthcare providers, it’s not anyone’s fault.. things just take time.
The very simple and most important thing that you need to know about this research as a back pain sufferer and as patient of osteopaths, chiropractors, doctors or physiotherapists is that until you activate the deepest layer of your core it’s likely your pain will keep coming back.
Learning to isolate your core and work it daily takes on average about 8 weeks of weekly one on one coaching sessions.  Transforming and strengthening these muscles to a point where you start to notice either the complete absence of your pain or a massive reduction takes on average 6 months of daily exercises (5 mins at a time).
I have been through this process with countless people many of whom had suffered from crippling episodes of back pain over many years.  They report things like fewer episodes of pain, greater confidence, greater mobility, greater comfort at work, increased exercise levels, better rest, better sleep, improved sports performance and great satisfaction with the overall change in their quality of life.
This is what activating the very deepest stabilisers of your core can do for your back..
Put your chiropractor out of business 😀