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What’s the difference between a chiropractor and an osteopath ?



It’s the million dollar question in my line of work and I get asked it on a weekly basis year in year out. Annoyingly in over a decade working as a chiropractor and  I still haven’t managed to give anyone a straight answer. I will however start with a straight answer in this instance.
‘Traditionally osteopaths expertly manipulate the muscle tissue and bones whereas chiropractors specialise in manipulations of spinal bones’.
I don’t often give this answer because I am a chiropractor who manipulates the muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, facia and spinal bones .. Amongst many other activities. This is because I don’t really care where a technique came from or about professional identity. I am willing to do whatever works to get people healthier and  feeling better
My testimonial points to the present day truth which is that the distinction between osteopaths and chiropractors is blurred due to the willingness of modern practitioners to learn and lend from each other.
Of course there are always the purists who hold to the original / pure / essence of their art and don’t borrow from anywhere else.. That’s will always be the case I am sure.
In all honesty it really doesn’t matter what it says over the door of an office. If you feel you can trust your practitioner and you can measure the benefits for yourself who cares right !?
I personally have enormous respect for the osteopathic profession and its practitioners. I view them as close allies  in the good fight against ignorance of the true causes  of health and bodily comfort.