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What’s Wrong With Pain Relief ?





Lets take a look at the subject of pain relief methods like traditional  chiropractic, physiotherapy, osteopathy  and acupuncture with a couple of quick easy metaphors.


Imagine its sunny day and that you and I are driving down State Highway 1  in a very nice shiny car.  At a certain point on our journey we notice that there is a little red light flashing on the dashboard and we agree that this is quite distracting.  We put our heads together and come up with a plan.  Our plan is to pull over and then prize open the plastic cover on the dashboard and see if we can unscrew the bulb so that it stops flashing.  We successfully achieve this feat,  celebrate with a hearty handshake and then set off again happily on our journey.


A similarly useful metaphor would be along the lines of hearing the fire alarm go off in the downstairs of your house in the middle of the night and electing to go down and unplug the battery and return top your bed  without any further investigation.


Not only is pain NOT the problem, pain is NOT even the alarm.. pain is THE SOUND that emanates from the alarm or THE LIGHT that emanates from the warning bulb.


The alarm that is  set off in body when we have hip pain or back pain for example is often a muscle or joint that is trying to tell us about  repetitive strain or weakness in the sore body part.  The weakness or the injury or the repetitive strain is whats happening ‘under the hood’  and its not until we uncover this that we can say that we have even attempted to ‘fix’ anything.


Choosing to look more deeply into our pain can often save us from the longer term restriction, restoration and limitation that comes with chronic pain and weakness in the body as we get older.


If you live in Wellington and you are looking for a chiropractors who at least do everything within their power to look more deeply into the underlying cause of the pain that chiropractic patients present with then look no further. We don’t claim to be able to solve all of pains mysteries or guarantee success but we do guarantee that we will try our very best to help you move past the frustration and uncertainty of stubborn pain if thats what you want to do.