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We know from personal experience that it’s very easy to get caught up in the mindset that perceives pain as a ‘bad thing’ – to be gotten rid of at all costs. But the truth is pain is a very important part of being a healthy person. 

Pain relief is always our aim. We do however (as chiropractors) feel that pain relief alone is a bit like taking the battery out of the smoke alarm. Just because it makes a nasty noise. Then going back to sleep without checking why it was going off in the first place.

If there is pain in your body that’s your bodies way of trying to bring your attention to something it knows is important!! You don’t need to be a trained chiropractor to know that.

The overwhelming majority of life aches and pains are at least partly mechanical in origin. Mechanical pain whether it comes from a joint, bone, tendon, muscle or ligament ( we treat all of those btw ) is a sign that the tissue is being stressed of overloaded in some way. 

If we consider something pretty simple like shoulder pain in typical hunched over ’50 hours a week at the computer’ chiropractors patient. pretty ob It’s pretty obvious just looking at them that there’s unnatural compression happening in their spine and rib cage. This is the kind of pressure that causes a lot of our pains – over time.

In this chiropractors view – the ingredients that most often lead to a stubborn pain are:

  • Habitual poor alignment ( like hunched posture or habitually standing funny )
  • Weak stabilising muscles ( like no tone on your lower tummy and core which supports your spine )
  • Unnaturally environmental stress ( like stomping around in concrete all day in high heels )
  • Emotional stress leading to chronic muscles tension ( like clenching your jaw all day because your boss has a personality disorder )
  • Old Injuries leaving residual scar tissue and muscle wasting in their wake.

If you would like a chiropractors help figuring out why you have a certain pain that either won’t go away or keeps coming back feel feee to give us a call and make an appointment or time to chat on the phone.

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