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Very few of the complaints that we see at our chiropractors office are as unpleasant as migraine. Migraines vary in intensity and frequency – some of us are still able to function during a migraine attack but many cannot. 

There is significant variation from person to person in the type of pain chiropractic patients have with migraine. Classic migraine is a throbbing pain on one side mof the face or skull and frequently has additional or warning symptoms in the senses .. like mild visual hallucinations or a strange taste in the mouth.

Modern research has shown that during a migraine there are changes in the blood flow to the brain. Like many symptoms – migraine can have numerous underlying causes. A good indicator of this is that the triggers can vary from chocolate right through to stress and hormonal changes in the body. It’s good to remember though that there is a difference between a ‘trigger’ and a cause, tennis can trigger heart attacks afterall but it isn’t the true cause.

Chiropractic patients who experience migraine often report that they have a strong sense that the pain emanates from the base of the skull and upper neck. These people often find that acupuncture and acupressure – in combination with chiropractic brings rapid easing of symptoms and can even stop the onset of serious episodes.

The surprising and even confusing thing about migraines is that they can be caused by past neck injuries that had appeared to recover quite normally. The other surprising thing about migraines is that they are very commonly associated with certain patterns of emotional suppression. Most serious migraine sufferers exhibit very similar patterns of emotional suppression.

If you are suffering from migraines and would like to have a talk with a  chiropractors office who have extensive experience treating migraine let us know. We would be happy to help you explore your options for managing them the quickest and safest way possible give us a call.

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