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Although neck pain is complex the good news is that most sufferers find relief can be surprisingly simple once they receive the right treatment and advice.

Major themes that can lead to neck pain include:

  • wasting of muscles deep in the neck from poor posture or weakening due to old injuries.
  • old injuries like whiplash that were never properly treated by a chiropractor or osteopath and never resolved properly.
  • an old injury to the spine that did heal but left some tight scar tissue can cause you to suffer neck pain.
  • excessive sitting at a desk for more than 30 hours a week can lead to neck pain through weakening of postural muscles and compression of the spinal bones.
  • Â poor technique in sports and exercise activities can put unnatural strain on the spinal bones and cause neck pain (and other pains too).
  • Â awkward lifestyle requirements. A great example would be the classic ‘holding phone under your ear while typing’ on a daily basis.
  • diseases and arthritic changes within the spine can be the cause of neck pain in rare cases.

Whatever your pattern of neck pain rest assured that regardless of the specifics our chiropractors can almost always establish the underlying cause and provide pain relief within a mater of days or weeks.

Chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists always aim to find the exact body tissues that have become painful in cases of neck pain.

These possibilities include:

  • the neck bones can lock and become inflamed causing pain to travel into the shoulder. Chiropractors and osteopaths can treat this in their sleep.
  • the neck muscles and shoulder muscles can develop deep pressure points or be subject to minor tears that cause neck pain treatable by chiropractors deep massage and acupuncture ( we frequently combine all 3 at our clinic).
  • the vertebral disc If damaged can compress the nerves in the neck and cause major difficulties even for the toughest kiwis.
  • the nerve plexus in the shoulder can cause pain and problems if it is inflamed or compressed. You really don’t want this to happen to you and the good news is it probably never will.

If you want your neck pain looked into by chiropractors who use a variety of treatments and always seek to try and establish the underlying cause of your pain feel free to get in touch.

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